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Manual barrier HS 60 up to 6m

The HS 60 manual barrier is a manually operated access control for vehicles of all kinds. It can be used both in passenger transport when controlling passenger cars and in Freight transport by lorry. Due to the simple design of the system, it is easy to assemble and offers easy handling. The barrier is solidly constructed and has high-quality gas pressure springs for weight balance. The round boom does not require any counterweight.

Construction of the manual barrier HS 60

The chassis of the HS 60 manual barrier consists of a solid steel construction. The steel parts of the barrier are painted twice and offer a high level of protection against mechanical influences. The steel parts are painted in silver grey (RAL 7001). The barrier boom is round and is made of aluminum painted in traffic white (RAL 9016). It has a diameter of 90 mm and is available with a maximum length of 6 m.

The barrier has high-quality and stable gas pressure springs for the weight balance of the boom. This reduces the effort required to open and close to a minimum and ensures a high level of ease of ose. The boom does not require a counterweight and puts on a impact fork when closing. The barrier can be locked in a closed and open position by a padlock. The padlock is not included.

Installation of the manual barrier HS 60

The manual barrier has a total height of 1,140mm and comes with a plinth that is simply screwed onto an existing, 800mm deep foundation. This must have a surface area of 600 x 600 mm. The impact fork is also screwed onto a built-level 800 mm deep foundation with an area of 300 x 300 mm. For bolting, fix anchors with a diameter of 12 mm are provided. The barrier is delivered by bebarmatic in ready-to-assemble condition.

Applications for manual barriers

The HS 60 manual barrier can be used for all parking systems that do not require automatic operation. Due to the ease of use by gas pressure springs and easy locking by a padlock, it is ideally suited for many smaller parking spaces such as employee parking spaces. All internal areas that do not have a high frequency and are only used by a certain number of people can also be controlled using the barrier. For all these areas, manual barriers provide a cost-effective and simple solution that still ensures safe access control.

Summary: Manual barrier HS 60

Bebarmatic's HS 60 manual barrier is a robust and affordable solution for all areas where manual access control is sufficient. For each type of vehicle, it provides a secure access control solution and has many innovative detailed solutions that you won't find with other vendors' systems. Without counterweight, the system can be operated with little effort.

Are you looking for a cheap but modern manual barrier for your manual access control, which also has a good design? Then get in touch with one of our employees today. We would be happy to advise you on any questions you may have on the subject of manual access control.