• Parking system

    The product Data sheet

    With entrance and exit terminals as well as automatic pay
    stations supply the complete multi-storey car park technical
    equipment for commercial multi-storey car park operators,
    hospitals, administrative authorities etc.

  • Barrier systems with the highest possible industrial standard.
    The complete product family can be supplied with a boom
    length of 2.5 to 9.0 m.

  • Bollard systems from bebarmatic are available as automatic
    bollards, removable or stationary. Intelligent microprocessor
    control system with numerous additional functions.

  • Access systems

    The product Data sheet

    The program includes: contactless (RFID)-readers,
    radio systems, transponder technology, GSM / cell phone,
    radio code, magnetic locks, number codes, coin systems.

Parking systems with barcode technology

bebarmatic has been the first supplier on the German market to apply the globally leading technology since 1995. Along with the two modular product families Platinum***** and Argentum*** with identical software and homogenous hardware, ideal and customized solutions are feasible.

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Barriers, barrier systems, car park barriers

The entire product family is available with a boom length ranging from 2.5 m to 9.00 m (self-supporting, without pendulum support). Intelligent microprocessor control system. Highest industrial standard – everything made in Germany. Extremely robust workmanship.

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Automatic bollards

Model Heidelberg and Dresden: The complete product family with automatic, removable or fixed bollards made of high-quality stainless steel, optionally with LED lighting. Suitable for driveways, historical places, pedestrian zones, representatives areas etc. Comprehensive access solutions (RFID, vehicle tag, CCTV).

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