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Heidelberg 60/14 Electrical bollard Heidelberg 60/14 ProductsBollard systemsHeidelberg 60/14

Bollard system Heidelberg 60/14


The bollard type Heidelberg is completely made of stainless steel, 60 cm high and its diameter amounts to 14 cm. The electro-mechanical spindle drive is maintenance-free. Runtime of the lowering and lifting process amounts to approx. 7 seconds each.

Performance characteristics

  • Design
  • Drive concept
  • Control


  • Info sheet (PDF)
  • Documentation/dimensions (PDF)
  • Analysis of needs (PDF)
  • Checklist (PDF)
Application areas


  • Traffic control system for pedestrian zones
  • Historical sites
  • Representative driveways
  • Private properties

Product overview Heidelberg

Automatic bollard
Automatic bollard
Heidelberg 60/14 AR

Bollard head with embedded warning strips made of red coloured, high reflectant reflex foil

Automatic bollard with lighting
Automatic bollard with lighting
Heidelberg 60/14 AB

Bollard head with lateral lighting via long-life LED for signalling of operation modes.

Bollard to be set in concrete
Bollard to be set in concrete
Heidelberg 60/14 BS

Bollard with base plate to be set in concrete. The screw connection ensures cost-effective replacement in case of accidental damage.

Quickly removable bollard
Quickly removable bollard
Heidelberg 60/14 DF

Locking mechanism corresponding to German Firefighting Standard according to DIN 3223.

Signal bollard
Signal bollard
Heidelberg 120/14 SP

Integrated two diode lighting via long-life LED for signalling of operation modes.