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Swing doors with high safety standard

The swing doors from bebarmatic are modern and discreet access solutions with the highest level of security. The doors are available in various designs and offer the greatest possible flexibility in separating people. Their simple and elegant design makes them the first choice for access control in prestigious areas. The doors are technically based on the half-height separation systems from bebarmatic and have a comparable design. With two synchronously pivoting wings, the doors allow barrier-free access for both people and goods handling. The doors can be locked in the open position, thus allowing unhindered access for larger groups of people. Features of the swing doors at a glance:

  • Open access solution based on our half-height separation systems
  • Extended passage widths through synchronous operation
  • Unhindered access for groups of people

What are the positive features of PEGAS swing doors?

The swing doors of the PEGAS series have a number of features that qualify them for a wide range of applications. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Typical areas of application are found in airports, public baths and other leisure facilities, as well as on industrial sites, in offices, administrative buildings and at trade fairs. The advantages of the system are the targeted management of pedestrian flows and barrier-free access, which also allows people in wheelchairs or with prams easy access. By simply locking the doors in the open position, groups of people can also be admitted more quickly at large events. All doors in the PEGAS series are equipped with one or two hinged doors that can be opened in both directions. They have a touch-sensitive drive that effectively prevents possible accidents and thus ensures optimum safety during operation. For applications where access is to be contact-free, an optional hands-free mode is available for the doors. This is made possible either via light barriers or RFID recognition.

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This swing door series is an access system with the highest demands on design and comfort. The PEGAS GLE swing door is made of high-quality materials and its elegant design makes it ideal for prestigious access areas. This access system is often used especially in modern office buildings or public areas. The doors have standardised interfaces and can therefore be used with all common access controls. The PEGAS GLE system from bebarmatic can also be individually adapted to special customer requirements.

For which application is the PEGAS SF/SF-S swing door series suitable?

PEGAS SF/SF-S series swing doors have an elegant stainless steel frame. They are therefore also ideally suited for larger passage widths. This system is the first choice wherever goods have to be transported or barrier-free access with wheelchairs or hospital beds has to be ensured. Due to the robust construction of the swing door, it can also be optimally used outdoors. The system is available with various options and is compatible with almost all access systems.

The access systems from bebarmatic have been available on the market for many years and are used in a wide range of applications in the public and industrial sectors. If you need a solution for your specific application, please contact our staff.