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Access systems: safe separation of persons in a classic design

Turnstiles, tripod barriers, revolving doors and speed gates

As a specialist for access systems, bebarmatic offers an extensive product family in the area of turnstiles for all conceivable areas of application. A simple way of separating people is required in numerous situations and can be achieved with different systems. A frequent reason for use is to secure access authorisation for employees in offices or publicly accessible buildings as well as public authorities. Devices are also used in industry to control access to people. We particularly frequently encounter turnstiles, tripod barriers and similar systems in public spaces such as airports and railway stations or leisure facilities such as event halls, sports centres, swimming pools and zoos.


The product portfolio includes simple turnstiles, turnstiles in various heights and speed gates. Thus, we offer suitable access authorisation systems for a variety of locations, which are not only functional but also visually blend in with the surroundings. Our range includes discreet and elegant swing doors for office and administration buildings as well as simple turnstiles and robust, man-high turnstiles for access to sports facilities. Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive range, we are the ideal partner in the field of access systems - let us advise you now!

Extensive range of access systems

From the various product groups, we can only present a representative excerpt of the extensive product range here. We offer customised solutions for the access of people to real estate, individual parts of buildings and outdoor areas and thus create a high level of security at the workplace as well as in public areas. In order to deliver reliable access systems that are perfectly tailored to your requirements, we are happy to work with architects, planners and security officers as part of our projects.


You will find the complete product range as well as information on innovations, extensions and implementation variants on our special website for access systems: www.drehkreuze.de


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Product overview

Speed gate EasyGate
Speed gate EasyGate


Speed gates are modern and flexible access systems. They offer high security standards and a separation of people for representative entrance areas. Due to their variable passage width, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition, the speed gates convince with an attractive and modern design that can be easily adapted to structural conditions and the existing architecture as well as aesthetics. They are suitable for use in office buildings, banks, airports and administrative buildings, among others.

  • Safe separation with an inviting appearance
  • Variable passage widths
  • Wide range of applications due to individual design
  • Barrier-free access for people with restricted mobility
  • Possibility of material transport



Turnstile REXON DEA 3
Turnstile REXON DEA 3


In general, turnstiles are the safest form of people separation and allow control of access of staff and visitors to selected areas. For outdoor areas, man-high systems can be used, for example on construction sites, production facilities or at events. Half-height systems are available for indoor use in zoos, amusement parks, swimming pools and sports facilities. While the man-high versions meet the highest safety standards, the half-height models offer a pleasant open look.

  •   Highest safety standard with man-high version
  •  Open appearance with half-height turnstiles
  •  Prevention of unauthorised access

Turnstile BAR BA
Turnstile BAR BA


Turnstiles are the classic access systems in a modern and timeless design. With the flexibility of e.g. classic 3-arm turnstiles, access for people is possible. All systems have an open look and are easy to use with a small footprint. Thanks to their convenient use and clear functionality, they are ideally suited for use in sports, wellness and leisure facilities..

  • Open look
  • Low space requirement
  • Convenient use
Swing door PEGAS
Swing door PEGAS


Swing doors are access systems in a very functional and modern design that provide a high standard of security with the greatest possible flexibility. In the double door version, they offer an extended passage width due to synchronous operation. They can be locked open and thus allow quick access, even for larger groups of people. Elegant designs made of metal or glass fit ideally into the overall picture and underline the aesthetics of the area to be protected.

  •  Open, based on half-height separation systems access solution 
  •  Extended passage widths through synchronous operation
  •  Unhindered access for groups of people

Customised access systems from bebarmatic

In the field of access systems, bebarmatic offers flexible and customised solutions for the protection of real estate, parts of buildings or company premises. Wherever large groups of people come together, the demand for personal security increases. To ensure the exact implementation of all requirements, bebarmatic works closely with planners, architects and security officers during project implementation for access systems. All components convince with a high level of reliability, a trendsetting design and a harmonious integration of the systems into the buildings to be protected or the surroundings..


Thanks to the large selection of different access systems, bebarmatic offers you the optimum solution for all access control projects. Simply contact our specialists in the field of access systems - we will also find the optimum access solution for your requirements.


For over 30 years, we have been one of the leading suppliers of access systems, parking systems, barriers and bollards. In doing so, we always have our finger on the pulse and, as a modern company, place great value on innovation and contemporary design. In addition to our several 10,000 successful installations, we are particularly proud to be able to offer you customised, individual solutions for your requirements. Our modular systems allow us to use industrially manufactured and proven components entirely according to your wishes. Thanks to our in-house software development, we can connect your existing hardware and software if required. Individuality, user-friendliness, expandability and durability are our top priorities - let us convince you of this!


As your partner for parking and access systems, barriers and bollards, we offer you a comprehensive service that goes beyond planning and installation. Our project managers ensure a smooth process and keep you up to date on the development status. In the event of problems or malfunctions, our support staff are available to assess the situation and find solutions. Our service staff not only take care of all project steps - from the installation to the commissioning of your system - but also rectify any problems if necessary and carry out service and maintenance work on request. In this way, we ensure that your access authorisation systems always function perfectly.

If you have any questions about our products or would like individual advice, you can reach us via our contact form, by phone or by e-mail. Our expert staff will be happy to help you and find the right solution for your individual requirements. Contact us - we look forward to helping you!