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Overview Platinum Modular ProductsPlatinum Modular parking systemOverview Platinum Modular

Parking system Platinum Modular

Modular parking system incorporating a wide range of products  for the management of your parking areas. Apart from entry and exit terminals for short term parkers and subscribers we provide pay stations for cash payment and payment via credit/debit cards. These meet many different requirements of our various customer groups.


We have been installing parking systems with barcode tickets for more than 20 years, long before the German competition recognized the product advantages. The ticket created by thermo-printing at the entrance will be scanned at the checkout and the exit without any contact and therefore wear-free optically. This modular parking facility allows to choose the optimal component for the entry/exit stations and automatic pay stations, even for complex systems with identical software and homogeneous hardware.

Parksystem Platinum Modular Übersicht

Modular parking systems for an optimal solution

The parking system Platinum Modular including entry and exit terminals as well as pay stations for car parks provides complete parking management technology for commercial car park operators, hospitals, public authorities etc. We supply highest industrial standard „Made in Germany“: in addition to proprietary product development from idea to design and software all significant purchased parts are manufactured in Germany.  

Pay station and terminals in the car park

Entry and exit terminals as well as pay stations for the car park feature an elegant stainless steel housing including brushed V2A front and lockable inspection doors. Moreover, they offer a multifunctional front with a 7 inches IPS-LCD monitor that provides superior readability in direct sunlight.

Parking systems based on barcode technology

For more than 20 years, long before German competitors recognized the advantages of this product, we installed parking systems using barcode tickets. The ticket produced via thermal print at the entry is scanned optically, contact- and wear-free at the pay station and exit. This modular car park technology allows to choose optimal components for entry/exit stations and pay stations with identical software and homogeneous hardware even for complex systems.

Network architecture

Networking via copper cable Cat. 5 or fibre optic cable (single mode and multi mode); 10/100/1000BASE-T, Wireless LAN, routing via existing intranet, internet connections, VPNs etc.

Counting management, management of short-term parkers/subscribers; password-protected access, remote maintenance and analysis via LAN-/WLAN network or internet.

System architecture


  • Industrial standard embedded PC incl. SQL database 
  • Interface Ethernet – protocol TCP/IP 
  • Interface RS-485 or digital output to barrier
  • Protection class IP 54



Product overview

Simple and reliable
Terminals for short-term parkers

For issuing and accepting of barcode tickets as well as processing of cards for subscribers, value and special parkers.

Easy to use
Subscriber terminals & door readers

Access control systems for separated park and building sections. Admission via RFID cards or barcode tickets.  

Easy to operate
Pay stations

Fast and safe payment processing via clear operator guidance and high system stability.  Modular extension options.

Parking management software

The cockpit for professional operation of your park areas. Transparent and user-friendly for reporting and controlling. 


Wide variety of equipment and customized solutions to meet any individual requirements. Now and in future.

Access options

Integration of alternative access media such as RFID cards and license plate recognition. Voice connections and video surveillance.