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Flexible parking management software be.Web from bebarmatic

A parking management software has to fulfil a number of tasks in the field of parking space management. It must record and organise the number and type of parkers, ensure safe and convenient access control and guarantee an accurate count. In addition, it must be fail-safe and as flexible as possible to adapt to customer-specific requirements. All this requires high-quality software with end-to-end quality control from the interface design to the algorithms used.

  • Competent in-house development team
  • Customised, individual solutions
  • Branch-specific implementations

The parking management software for the administration of user and customer data

The parking management software be.Web enables the central storage of all users and their authorisation on all available operating levels of the software. The individual levels can be released or blocked for users. Furthermore, the system offers the release or blocking of individual control panels in different levels. In this way, only the information that is really needed is displayed to the individual user. This technology effectively prevents operating errors. Encrypted communication between the individual components of the software prevents malware from infiltrating the systems and branching off data at critical points. This means that customer data is comprehensively secured. The data for customers and cash flow are stored centrally in a fail-safe database and can be retrieved in an audit-proof manner.

Full control over parkers and parking areas with parking management software

be.Web offers comprehensive management of short-term and long-term parkers. The recognition of individual parkers is either media-bound via barcodes, QR codes or UHF tags or simply via the automatic recognition of vehicle registration plates. The parking management software allows the creation of various special tickets and parking groups and supplies all data centrally to a database. This enables an optimal operational handling of all processes and additionally offers the possibility to carry out a subsequent analysis and to generate the corresponding reports. The analysis data can also be saved in standard formats for further processing. The software is individually adaptable to many needs in parking management and allows the formation of blocks of a group of parkers or parking areas as well as the definition of threshold and maximum values.

Parking management software with extensive support around the clock

To prevent downtimes of the parking management software, bebarmatic offers extensive support, even around the clock if necessary. The software can be accessed via established remote maintenance. This enables rapid troubleshooting and diagnosis of the system down to the hardware level. The software is subject to short release cycles so that improvements and problem solutions reach the user on site as quickly as possible. Updates and new software releases can be managed centrally. In this way, bebarmatic provides a high level of reliability and assistance in the event of service and a service concept that is tailored to the customer, enabling target-oriented and rapid processing. In order to provide the customer with everything they need to prevent faults from occurring in the first place, bebarmatic offers the necessary training for users and administrators for each software package, thus ensuring the necessary transfer of knowledge.

Software and development

Software be.open


  • Central management of system configuration / software releases, modular design
  • Just-in-time display of system statuses
  • Creating of all Standard Reports / customer-specific adaptations according to Parking areas, Discounts and time periods

Software design


  • Qualified in-house development team
  • Customer-specific, unique Solutions
  • Sector-specific realisations

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Mail: sales@bebarmatic.de

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Administration and controlling


Password-protected access

Definition of individual user rights, encoded communication of System, revision-proof storage of customer and cash-flow data in a central database


Management of short-term parkers and subscribers

Media-Independent incl. barcode recognition, QR code, license plate recognition or UHF tags, creation of various ppecial tickets and parker groups, preservation of all data for control of operational processing as well as reporting and analysis. 


Convenient counting management

Individually adaptable to all requirements, block formation of groups, definition of  threshold and maximum values 


Remote maintenance via established remote maintenance software, analysis of malfunctions down to hardware level, updates / new software releases centrally manageable


High reliability based on fast assistance when servicing is required, Service concept tailored to your needs including target-oriented fast processing, individual know-how transfer via trainings for administrators and users


Sector-specific solutions, Integration of third-party software via SOAP interface, mapping of events and meetings with individual tariffs

Large scale

Statistical evaluations

Receipt of all data for the control of the operative processing as well as for reporting and analysis. Export of data in standard file formats for external analysis.

Summary: be.Web parking management software from bebarmatic

The be.Web parking management software from bebarmatic is a comprehensive software system for all your parking areas and parking buildings. It is flexibly adaptable and has standardised, open interfaces to other systems. This means that it can be connected to other applications, for example via SOAP, if necessary. The individual tariffing makes it easy to map events and functions. Plan your new parking areas with the be.Web software and contact one of our specialised employees right away. We will answer all your questions and find the optimal solution for you.