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New company headquarters ThyssenKrupp in Essen

In more than 30 years, Bebarmatic had the special honour to supply countless systems of various kinds for various companies of the ThyssenKrupp group in all parts of Germany.

On historic ground an architectural highlight was built up for approx. 350 million € on the newly constructed Berthold-Beitz-Boulevard. The new head office called „Quartier“ was realized by the architect's Office Chaix et Morell et Associés in Paris as well as the Cologne architects JSWD.

In addition to the centerpiece Q 1 there are further buildings Q 2 to Q 7 with different functions  (meeting rooms, canteen/guest restaurat etc.). In total more than 700 trees were planted in the extensive gardens, alongside a 200 m long and approx. 30 m wide wate axis as an integral part of the outdoor area.

The place, where everything started…

On June 17, 2010, approx. 500 employees moved from the Dreischeibenhaus in Düsseldorf to Essen. A few steps from here in 1811, Friedrich Krupp hat started his first attempts to produce the more durable cast steel from iron.

For the new Headquarter Q1 we installed special new-developed bollard systems (Dresden type: height 80 cm, Diameter 22 cm, made of stainless steel V2A) in two steps.

Scope of supply:


  • 31 automatic bollards design Dresden
  • 55 stationary bollards design Dresden
  • 16 signal bollards design Dresden
  • 13 stationary bollards design Heidelberg